Network Policy’s

MoreFm Network


The station will be music-led and feature music from a wide variety of genres. Live daytime programmes will typically comprise of 90% music and 10% speech. The speech element may include news, weather, traffic reports, community news, interesting stories, and other general information that may be of interest.
The programming should in the main appeal to, and suitable for, a family audience. Local and community news is an important element and may include coverage of small stories of significance to the community that may not receive coverage elsewhere.
Daytime music will be mainly from the 70s/80s/90s/00s and suitable UK Charts, however music requests from other decades will be played, this will provide a variation of music to appeal to different age groups. Specialist music shows in the evenings may include rock and roll, country, rock, jazz, Dance etc. The service will normally be live for at least Ten hours per day, pre recordings and repeats of previously-broadcast programmes may be used at other times.
The aim is to provide an World/ Local/Community news service, information about local groups, and general awareness-raising of local issues. The station will encourage views and comments, from listeners principally emails, letters through our contact services Community information sharing is encouraged.
Where possible we will have a presence at local events, supporting the on line and on air service we give to supporting community events. Local fund raising events will be promoted on air throughout the year to help raise the profile of the station and the charities in the local area.
The station will encourage partnerships with local charities to share resources towards mutual promotion and success as with business advertising.
MoreFM  Network  music policy is the same as the station policy – to reflect the wide tastes of the listener it serves, but with an eye on providing something otherwise not available on the radio in our area, does not force presenters to air “playlisted” music. Rather, to encourage presenters to express their personality within a framework.
Weekday daytime shows will generally reflect music from the 70’s & 00’s. Priority will be given to requests however, and within the format, these will be encouraged.
Weekend daytime shows will have more flexibility offering the presenters the opportunity to air mainly chart based music from all decades.
Evening shows will be specialist with a wide range of music including rock, country, soul, dance and relaxing easy listening.


More Fm 70’s & More Fm 80’s

We’re going to take you on a nostalgia trip, playing undisputed 1970’s 1980’s classics from Eagles,Chic,Billy Joel,Elton John,ELO, Rod Stewart,Madonna, Duran Duran, Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, U2, The Human League, The Police and more..more…